Unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship – Satish Kumar

Two dimensional plot is simple, but still x-y axiom graphs used to trouble during school days. Einstein’s space-time is still a tough pill to swallow. 3D needs real imagination. Playing in four or five dimensional plane becomes unthinkable. No wonder, entrepreneurship which is a game played on umpteen dimensions (Market, Money, Material, Team, Customer, Supply chain, Technology, Regulations etc. etc.) is unpredictable and more importantly un-trainable.

At best, one can cut the multi-dimensional plane to smaller plots of 2-3 dimensional ones and tackle. Departmentalisation of Organisations is a step in this direction. But at one level, the smaller pieces are to be tied together. And the supposedly most responsible person of the enterprise is destined to do it based on dejavus and gut feels and time taught techniques. Success is mostly by chance even though one can apply some method to the madness.

Movies are a good comparison to enterprises. You have a super hit, none knows what really clicked and the era of trial and errors thus start off. Some copy the plot, some try a movie with the successful hero/heroine/director, few try a sequel, others with similar looking stories and some-one else try a movie trusting the same tantric! Even those master directors who have produced back to back hits, fail to predict fate of the next one, let alone training one to create super hits.

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