There is a wide gap which exists between Indian business customer objectives and prevailing IT business ecosystem. In many cases, IT organisations fail to even converse in a language that the customers understand, let alone meeting the requirements. Genesis of Indian IT business ecosystem, being in the US driven outsourcing model, the priority and systems thus developed, do not take the Indian ground realities into consideration. Capitalising on the ignorance of customers, selling unsuitable, high-maintenance and difficult-to-operate IT systems and solutions by a few vendors, have added fuel to the fire.

Samooh works towards enabling paradigm shifts in domestic business with digital infrastructure as a key offering. Focus of Samooh is to develop an ecosystem of trust and mutual respect wherein customers and Samooh would be jointly chasing the same set of goals. SAHYAN is a future looking framework developed by Samooh that can become the digital backbone of forward looking organisations. Further, Samooh has developed a project model wherein the customer can focus on their business domain without bothering about hardware, software and digital infrastructure needs.


IT framework that covers multiple functional areas of the organisation

SAAS (Software As A Service) based solution, deployed in cloud, thus operating with zero hardware footprint at customer location

Modular and scalable solution to meet future functional expansion needs

Customizable model that caters to specific needs of the organisation

Open source model with zero licensing fees and full ownership to customer

Desktop/Tablet/Mobile phone interface

Functional coverage

Organisational work flow

Work order execution

E commerce

Sales and billing

Inventory and Distribution

Document management

Finance and Accounts

Human Resources

Personal & Administration

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Partnership model

Strategic evaluation of the organisation’s objectives, business and market

Architecture and design of the solution in agreement with customers

Deploying the solution in cloud and training the customer staff

Software and hardware infrastructure fully taken care by Samooh

Pay as per use billing model

24×7 operational support

Sahyan case studies

Over the last 3 years, we have serviced a few customers which was a prototype test of our platform and our delivery model.

Consumer Fed, the retail giant in Kerala in the Co-operative sector approached us with issues in their GST domain. It would have been easier for us to push in SAHYAN Purchase, Sales and F&A modules to solve the issues. The management wanted us to synchronise our F&A module to their existing legacy systems. Samooh executed this work to perfection in 1 month without hindering the operations in their 350 odd outlets and 11 Regional offices and Head Office. Our consultants and software personnel worked alongside the Customer IT Team, Finance Team and Chartered Accountants to the utmost satisfaction of the management. The Federation could save substantial amount by being able to generate the GSTR 1, 2A and 3B reports accurately for filing purposes. The Samooh IT Team which has deep expertise in various IT programming environment could also handhold the in-house IT Team at ConsumerFed to upgrade their existing software to meet new requirements.

Ernakulam Public Library is another prestigious knowledge and cultural institution of Kochi and Kerala, where Samooh has left its mark. Samooh and its network of consultants and professionals have been part of the system re-engineering efforts of the library. The library has successfully implemented the KOHA free software library solution and modernised its lending operations by implementing the RFID technology solution. SAHYAN takes care of the Accounts and Payroll functions in the library and is seamlessly integrated to KOHA system. This project is yet another testimony to the expertise of Samooh IT Team vis-a-vis, other free software platforms and the ability to integrate these systems to the SAHYAN platform.