All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

Few years back, business communication used to be through written/typed letters. One query, one way, used to take few days depending on the distance of communication. Multiple queries and answers used to take multiple days. Today few mails/calls in a day can achieve this. Searching for information and data by referring to books and journals used to be a time consuming and humongous task. Lack of availability of material and cost were added burden. Internet has revolutionized the era of open information and today one can’t think of working without ashirvad from Google baba. Almost all areas of professional life – Manufacturing, Planning, Design, Construction, Servicing, Quality, HR – have witnessed advent of newer tools, equipment and systems which have collectively improved work efficiency, over the years. That means today one can accomplish what was achieved during 8 hours of work few decades back, in a fraction of that time period – probably in 2-4 hours. That also means work should be more joy and less tension as you are better equipped to handle professional challenges. Shouldn’t that mean people working for 2-4 hours a day to achieve same productivity and efficiency of the past? Which also means free time for people to chase their areas of passion which could be business/hobbies/research/community work/sports/art, what not! A much better and productive world is possible when people dedicate more time to calls of heart not stomach!

The plain fact that working hours and associated pressure have increased over years, points to turn of events contrary to the above. Which means newer forces have come into play which are not only consuming all the time and mental peace saved by above means but are demanding more of it! What could those be? In efficiency due to redundant Organisational structures? Bureaucratic processes? Greed? Attrition? Poor skill levels? Poor city infrastructure? What else? Whatever they are, these factors that breed inefficiency stand between an overworked professional and good life quality. It’s up to individuals and Organisations to identify and attack them head on.

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