Samooh is an attempt by a team of professionals to build a partner Organisation that keeps social responsibility at centre stage. Alignment of passion and work is dream come true for any professional. Becoming part of socially responsible ventures while maintaining career track, drives career satisfaction levels and improves the organisational performance. Samooh attempts to offer such an environment to aspiring professionals and in turn creates an eco system that can partner in social transformation.

Samoohya Samrambhaka Co-operative Society Ltd, alias Samooh is registered as a multi-purpose Co-operative organisation in the Kerala State of India. The co-operative movement is guided by the philosophy of “One for All and All for One”. The co-operative nature of Samooh is in perfect sync with the vision and mission of Samooh. Our aim is to bring together all stakeholders of Samooh, viz, shareholders, customers, workers and the Government on a common platform.


Samooh sees every social problem as an opportunity for entrepreneurship.


Our mission is to partner in social transformation projects as a provider of ideas, cutting edge technology solutions, management services and leadership with the spirit of co-operation, ecological sensitivity, equal opportunity and fair distribution of wealth.
Samooh is designed as an eco system of individuals, groups and Organisations who share the vision but possess complementary competencies.


  • We respect your entrepreneurship and passion.
  • We need you as you need us in your mission.
  • We believe in demystifying technology.
  • We speak a  language you understand.
  • We balance business sustainability with social commitment.


Samooh believes in a lean hierarchy organisation where self-motivation, constant learning, knowledge sharing and a clear conscience drive our goals. We practice what we believe.