Samooh is a partner organisation that drives success for socially relevant initiatives, offering future-ready technology framework, engineering excellence and strategic management consulting. Samooh successfully addresses the disagreement between the business goals of an organization and the social goals of its programmes. And impacts change and ensures results that get reflected in the grand exercise of nation-building.










There is a wide gap which exists between Indian business customer objectives and prevailing IT business ecosystem. In many cases, IT organisations fail to even converse in a language that the customers understand, let alone meeting the requirements. Genesis of Indian IT business ecosystem, being in the US driven outsourcing model, the priority and systems thus developed, do not take the Indian ground realities into consideration. Capitalising on the ignorance of customers, selling unsuitable, high-maintenance and difficult-to-operate IT systems and solutions by a few vendors, have added fuel to the fire.

Samooh works towards enabling paradigm shifts in domestic business with digital infrastructure as a key offering. Focus of Samooh is to develop an ecosystem of trust and mutual respect wherein customers and Samooh would be jointly chasing the same set of goals. SAHYAN is a future looking framework developed by Samooh that can become the digital backbone of forward looking organisations. Further, Samooh has developed a project model wherein the customer can focus on their
business domain without bothering about hardware, software and digital infrastructure needs.


The pragmatic approach of Samooh in finding solution to legacy based issues is really appreciable. This helped us streamline our maintenance operations to the satisfaction of residents. The project helped us cut operational costs to reasonable levels.

Febinson Lawrence Hon. Secretary, Mystic Heights III, Kaniyampuzha Road, Vyttila.

I have no hesitation in appreciating SAMOOH for their exemplary execution tactics, which I experienced at the time of KRITHI International Book Fairs held in Kochi. Creating and implementing the ideas on a timely manner makes your mark. Keep it up.

N E Sudheer Publisher , Writer & Social Critique

The success of KRITHI is due to hardwork put in by writers,a team of professionals and the Dept. of Co operation, Govt. of Kerala spearheaded by SAMOOH, Kochi which made the programme a world class one.

Dr. D. Sajith Babu, IAS Kerala



Samooh is proud to associate with the Ernakulam Public Library, the prestigious knowledge and cultural institution of Kochi and Kerala, particularly when the institution is celebrating its 150 years of public service. Samooh and its network of consultants and professionals have been part of the system re-engineering efforts of the library. The library has successfully implemented the Koha free software library solution and modernised its lending operations by implementing the RFID technology solution. Sahyan, the IT enterprise framework takes care of the Accounts and Payroll functions in the library.